get-out-from-under-the-cloudIt is amazing to me how many “Christians” live each day missing out on the grace, love and acceptance that Jesus bought for us when he died on the cross.  So many “Christians” continue to live under a cloud of “condemnation”.  I hear people make comments about how upset they think God  probably is with them because of some mistakes they’ve made or shortcomings they posess.

“God probably doesn’t like that I’m frustrated at my boss right now”

“If I was a better husband God would probably love me more”

“If I could control my anger God would be more pleased with me”

Can you hear the condemning tone? 

Many of these comments may never be spoken out loud, but they float around in our heads, and pretty soon they work there way down into our heart. 

Listen to the apostle Paul and what he says:

“Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”–Romans 8:1

Did you catch that?   “No condemnation”.

Why is it that so many “Christians” have lost sight of this? 

What was it that prompted us to accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior in the first place?  Wasn’t it at least in part the idea that through Jesus we could be “saved” from”condemnation”? 

Many “Christians” are missing it.  Here is my take: 

At the moment when we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, God was genuinely working in our heart drawing us to himself.  We were intimately attuned to the great need we had for a Savior.  We were at the end of ourselves and Jesus’  offer of Grace, forgiveness, and the abundant life were undeniably compelling and personal.  We accepted his invitation and sensed that our need for wholeness, hope, and salvation were now realized.  Great news right?  Of course it was, and it still is!  We are saved!  We are God’s beloved!  Our future is secure!  All good things, but what often get’s missed is this: 

Jesus invited us into a relationship not a decision

Many people become “Christians” and think it was only about securing a place in heaven after they die?   They miss the invitation to enter into a “relationship” with Jesus today and tomorrow.  How tragic!

The grace, love and acceptance that we received when we became “Christians” is the same grace, love, and acceptance that enables us to live a life of freedom in Jesus each day.  

It grieves me to see so many “Christians still living under a cloud of condemnation, and I know it grieves God to see those who call themselves followers of his openly rejecting his grace and love every day.

Living life out from underneath the cloud of condemnation requires that we receive daily, exactly what we were compelled to receive when we became a “Christian”.   To do this we must do two things on a daily basis, surrender and accept. 

We must surrender:

  • Our desire to earn God’s favor 
  • Our right to ourself                       
  • Our guilt and shame                     
  • To Jesus                                            

We must accept:

  • God’s forgiveness                         
  • God’s Grace                                      
  • God’s loving acceptance of us   


Dave for Wellspring C 2009